Ctrl-Pal is a light-weight tool for testing control pads connected to your gaming computer, including original and aftermarket PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and other gamepads, joysticks and racing wheels. Use it to test for damaged buttons, worn out joy sticks and damage to vibration motors. Ctrl-Pal is a free tool available for Windows.

Features include:
  • Support for up to 15 digital buttons and 10 analog axis
  • Support for vibration/rumble motors
  • Improved (unofficial) support for PlayStation and Xbox gamepads
  • *New* PlayStation DualShock 4 support

To get started:

1. Select your game pad/device
2. Push each button and move each joystick until you see red markers appear on the pictured gamepad.
3. Select a vibration strength then click "start vibration" to test your gamepad's rumble feature.

It's that simple!

  Download: Windows 6.3MB | Linux | Mac OS X