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Go behind the scenes to learn more about game dev. Experiment and learn through example with a variety of sample programs and tech demos... It's Playable Education.

Get started with this collection of Unity 3D and Blender projects provided to you free of charge to do with as you wish under a Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA 4.0) License. Edit the code, change the graphics, add levels and turn them into complete games - your games!


Reference Image: ST TNG holodeck target practice.
About this Demo
Demonstrates understanding of creating a complex game system through the use of C#, using code to dynamically modify game objects and components, creating user interface elements and creating audial / visual polish through the use of 3D positional sound, particle FX, lighting, animations and "juicing". Additional modeling done within Blender.

Play the role of an up-and-coming Starfleet officer engaged in some holodeck target practice. Shoot red cubes for up to 6 points. Blue cubes will add 3s to your alloted time while shooting a green cube (friendly) will cost you 14s.

Important: STAR TREK and all related art, music and marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.
Play OnlinePlay Holodeck Test Program
Download Unity Project Play Holodeck Test Program
PlatformUnity Web Player
Game EngineUnity 3D (v5.5.1f1)
Developed byFernando Gouveia
Developed on9/30/2015

DemoAbout this Demo
A short game following the life of a rich billiard ball. Includes examples of collision detection, particle FX, 3D positional sound, shadows, animation, scripting (score keeping, health/damage tracking, enemy spawning, etc.) within Unity 3D. Additional modeling done within Blender. The first level is a prototype for the second - pick-up 5 gold coins to move onto Level 2's "billiard table" scene. 
Play OnlinePlay Ball'n Billiard Balls
Download C# SourcePlay Ball'n Billiard Balls
PlatformUnity Web Player
Game EngineUnity 3D (v5.5.1f1)
Developed byFernando Gouveia
Developed on9/24/2015

DemoSolar System SimulationAbout this Demo
A very basic, not-to-scale, mock-up of the solar system including the Sun and planets - Mercury through Jupiter. Highlights texture mapping, ambient and spot lighting, 3D positional sound, basic movement and skybox use in Unity 3D game engine.
Play OnlinePlay Solar System Simulation
Download Unity ProjectPlay Solar System Simulation
PlatformUnity Web Player
Game EngineUnity 3D (v5.5.1f1)
Developed byFernando Gouveia
Developed on9/17/2015