Project on hold
Embark on the adventure of a lifetime based on the work of Colonel Percy Fawcet and his quest to find the lost city of "Z". Described in a cryptic document - Manuscript 512, little is known of the mystical city though a Portuguese explorer claimed to have visited it in 1753. Inspired by his writings, Fawcett heads to Rio de Janeiro in 1925 to find the lost city, where he, his son Jack, and crew disappear without a trace.

Using historical data, AmaZonia casts you across the globe as you unearth this 300-year-old clue with the potential to re-make history. Seek out treasures along the way and ward off raiders as you solve puzzles that will unlock mysteries surrounding the lost city.

AmaZonia is a unique action-adventure game offering:
  • An innovative 2.5D experience for a uniquely 2D game within a rich and lively 3D world.
  • Beautiful exotic jungle and archaeological locations, including scenes shot on-site in Brazil!
  • Historical accounts and archival footage, including Fawcett's own writings and artwork from the US National Gallery of Art.
  • Rich narrative and diverse characters with surprising foes and unlikely friends.

Amazonia is a work in progress. All screenshots are conceptual.