We are an indie game developer with a passion for creating fun-sized, multiplayer-multiplatform experiences. We do this by combining the best elements of fun [arcade] and realism [simulation] and adopting gamer-first features [mods] [free DLC] that promote community [gamers] and develop the fun [games].
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Our Games 

Small Wheels Speedway™
Hop in the driver seat for some extreme go-kart racing where bumping is most definitely allowed. Race on FIVE incredible tracks from beach-side speedways to airport runways and other no-go zones.

Hug the turns or veer off-road as you play chicken through figure-eights and crash on through to first place! Small Wheels combines the best elements of arcade, simulation and kart-racing for a unique, fun-sized experience. 

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Embark on the adventure of a lifetime based on the work of Colonel Percy Fawcett and his quest to find the lost city of "Z". Using historical data, AmaZonia casts you across the globe to take on incredible odds as you unearth a 300-year-old clue with the potential to make history! Featuring exotic 2.5D jungles, archaeological locations and original scenes shot on-site in Brazil, AmaZonia is a compelling adventure for all ages.

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